Sunday, 17 December 2017

December 18th - December 22nd

Wow! I cannot believe it is the last week of school before Christmas Break. Where did the time go? We celebrate this week the Third Sunday of Advent representing Joy. There is a lot of wonderful activities going on this week! We are finishing up our Christmas Stories with Mr. Kline's class. We will be presenting those stories to the Grade 1 students. On Tuesday, as we celebrate the value of "Charity" during the month of December, my grade 5's and Miss. Shmaltz's grade 1's, will be making decorated baked cookies for the Shepherds of Good Hope. We are in need of Volunteers for Tuesday morning and baking materials for cookie making. Please let me know if you are able to volunteer! On Wednesday, at 9:30 in the Learning Commons, we are presenting our Christmas Cafe. Grade 5 students have been working hard and are so excited to present their plays, talents, and two-word dialogues. We hope to see many parents!! We have asked students to bring in a peanut free baked good. We will be providing tea and coffee. On Friday, it is a school-wide pajama day. Students can bring in popcorn from home, and I will be showing a movie in the morning.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed holiday with your family. I will see you in the new year. School resumes Monday, January 8th, 2018. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

December 11th - December 15th

We move into our second week of Advent which represents Peace. We light a second purple candle to represent the hope of Christ coming to the world. Students will be celebrating during an Advent Liturgy on Monday morning in the Learning Commons. The last two weeks of school will be very busy for Grade 5 students. We are finishing up our Christmas Fractured Fairy Tales that we have been working on with Mr. Kline's Grade 2 students. My students have been writing the stories, and Mr. Kline's Students have been drawing the pictures to go along with the stories. Once the stories are finished, we will be presenting our stories to the Grade 1 classes. We will also be continuing to work on our Christmas Cafe presentations with Mrs. Souliere's Grade 5 students. We have a dress rehearsal on Thursday morning. Our Christmas Cafe will be held in the Learning Commons on Wednesday, December 20th from 9:30-11:30. We hope to see lots of parents!!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 4th - December 10th.

Sunday celebrates the beginning of the Advent season. The Advent period is a time of preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus. It is a time for waiting. Our first Advent Liturgy will be on Monday afternoon in the Learning Commons. Reconciliation will be taking place on Friday morning. Information will be sent home concerning our Christmas Cafe. The tentative date will be December 20th in the morning, in the Learning Commons.

Math - This week we will be learning about the properties of triangles. We will be doing a fun activity on Monday using straws and pipe cleaners. I have shared a video link from Math Antics. Students will have a math quiz on Geometry in a couple of weeks. More information to follow. Students will also be participating in The Hour of Code this week.

Language - This week we will be continuing to work on our Christmas Fractured Fairy Tales with Mr. Kline's Grade 2 class. Partner Biographies are almost completed and we will share our Biographies in a Carousel style of presentations. Carousel Brainstorming is a cooperative learning activity that allows information to be learned and reviewed through movement, conversation, and reflection.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

November 27th - December 1st

I hope students enjoyed their PD day on Friday! We will be having a busy week this week!

Math - Students did well on their Patterning Test. We are moving into Geometry. The focus will be on Polygons, Angles, and Triangles. I have attached a short video to introduce angles. On Friday, we spent time on learning more about Polygons. Keep practicing multiplication tables and please continue to complete any math practice work that is sent home.

Language   - Students will be spending time this week on their Christmas Fractured Fairy Tale. We will be getting together with Mr. Kline's Grade 2 class. Students will also continue to work on their Partner Biographies. We have been practicing with Mrs. Souliere's Grade 5's for our upcoming Christmas Cafe. More information will be going home with students soon.                                                              

Sunday, 19 November 2017

November 20th - November 24th

This week is Bullying Prevention Week. Students will be participating in activities concerning kindness towards others. 

Math - We will finally be having our math quiz on Patterning on Monday. Students will need to know the following curriculum expectations: 

1. Analyze a number pattern and state the pattern rule(growing, shrinking, and repeating patterns). 
2. Use an Input/Output machine to create number patterns.
3. Model numerical and geometric patterns and make predictions. 

Here are a couple of anchor charts:  

Language - We will be finishing up our read aloud and Partner Biographies soon. I would like to continue to focus on grammar, paragraph writing, and summaries. It is important for students to be writing in language notebooks, as well as continuing to use Google Slide Presentations on the chrome book. Students have also started writing their Christmas Fractured Fairy Tales. We will be collaborating with Mr.Kline's Grade 2 class for this wonderful project. 


Students will be participating on Wednesday afternoon in our Kid-Friendly Zumbathon. Thank you for your support of this Parent Council Fundraiser!

There will be a PD day on Friday, November 24th for all students. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

November 13th - November 17th

I enjoyed meeting parents on Thursday evening. We had great discussions concerning your child. Our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Friday celebrating the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country.

Math - Students will have a short math quiz on patterning on Friday. More information will be going home with students next week, including a short study guide. Our next unit of study will be Geometry. 

Language - We will begin a short Partner Biography next week. Students will be writing information about their partner in their language notebook, peer editing using a checklist, and finally putting together a Google Slide Presentation to complete this writing assignment.  As a writing component, students are working on writing a proper paragraph with 3-5 sentences using the ROPES (Restate question, Opinion, Proof and Evidence, Summary) strategy.  We will also be collaborating with Mr. Kline's Grade 2 class and writing a Christmas themed Fractured Fairy Tale. Grade 5's will be responsible for the writing and Grade 2's for the pictures. We will then present to the Grade 1 classes.  

Thank you for continuing to follow my Blog! 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

November 6th - November 10th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Parent Teacher Interviews are happening on Thursday, November 9th. A form to book an interview with me was sent out through an email last week. Let me know if you would prefer a phone call instead of an interview on Thursday. 

Math - Students are still working on patterning. Talk to your child and ask them about the different types of patterns that they are learning. We will be having a short quiz coming up soon. I will send home information about the quiz during the week. On Tuesday we will be having a special guest at our school visiting classrooms. Her name is Manon Seguin. Mrs. Seguin is the Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services. On Tuesday we will also be taking part in another fun STEM Challenge! I will tell students more about this challenge on Monday.

Language - We will finish our CASI reading test tomorrow. Students have just about finished their presentations of their "All About Me." We will then begin our partner biographies. I will be choosing the partners, I will also give students an outline of what is to be included in the Biography. I would like students to work with someone that they do not know too much about. It is a learning experience that will benefit them outside of school. Learning to work with someone new!

Have a great week and I hope to see most of you on Thursday evening!