Sunday, 15 October 2017

October 16th - October 20th

Thank you for continuing to check in with my weekly updates on my Blog. I continue to take pictures of students and the various activities that are happening in the classroom. 

Math - We just completed our first math unit on Friday with a test. Some students did not have enough time to finish on Friday so they will have time to finish their test on Monday. We will be spending a little time on Rounding Numbers, and then move into our second math strand which will be Patterning. Students should start to practice their multiplication facts up to their 11 times tables. I will be continuing to send home weekly math practice in their math notebook. The following video is a great introduction to the concept of Rounding.

Language - Students were expected to finish up their All About Me Family Biography so we can start presenting in class this week. I will be starting some grammar activities which will help students with their writing. We are continuing with our read aloud "Rapunzel the One with All the Hair." Students will also be writing a CASI reading test this week. It is a non-fiction story about the horses on Sable Island. We have already listened to the story together and discussed the content of the story. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Tuesday, October 10th - Friday, October 13th

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing weekend with family and friends! We had a great week, students enjoyed playing Prodigy and Kahoot on Friday!

Math - We will be having a Math Test Friday. The test will be covering place value, subtraction, addition, and a couple of word problems. We will review for the test throughout the week. Our next unit of study will be Patterning. 

Language - All About Me Family Biographies should be completed by Friday so that we can start presenting on Monday. Students will have time in class this week to finish, and any remaining work will need to be completed on the weekend. Our next writing/media assignment will be a partner biography. I will send this information home with students for parents to look over. Students will also be completing a reading test within the next couple of weeks. This is called a CASI. A CASI tests for understanding and comprehension of literary features such as summary, main idea, and fluency of reading.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October 2nd - October 6th

Happy October! We had a great week at school. I am sure students were excited to share with you how much fun they had with the Ozobots! Ozobots are small, smart toy robots that allow students to learn to code, play, create and connect the physical and digital worlds. 

Math - We will continue with Place Value this week and also work on subtraction and strategies to help students with subtraction. I will continue to send home practice math work for students. I am focusing on single digit multiplication to help students learn their multiplication tables. The practice work will be due on Wednesday.

Language - I will be taking a look at where students are with their All About Me Family Biography. I am allowing students to have one more week at school to work on their Biography before I assign a due date. Please help your child find pictures that can be downloaded into their slide presentation. We are continuing with our read aloud. Students have been asked to choose a character and comment on qualities about this character throughout the story. Students will eventually be writing their own Fractured Fairy Tale based on the read aloud. All students have been assigned a Raz Kids account. I still have to assign a reading level to each student.

Just a reminder that Friday, October 6th is a PD Day for students!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

September 25th - September 29th

It is hard to believe that September is almost over! We have been having amazing, warm weather the last two weeks! Our Terry Fox Walk/Run is happening on Tuesday afternoon from 2:30-3:30. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen and a hat! 

Math - We continue with our daily math warm ups. Lots of math conversation among students! We are continuing Place Value. (Recognizing numbers up to the 100 000 in standard, expanded, words, and place value form). There will be a math test on Place Value sometime during the first week in October, before Thanksgiving Break! More to follow about that and what exactly students should be studying. I am continuing to send home weekly math practice in their notebooks. If students are not able to complete the work on the date assigned, please let me know through the agenda. 

Language - We are continuing with our Family All About Me. I encourage students to work on this at home as well as school. I will be assigning a due date at the end of the week. We will then start presenting our Google Slide Presentations. We are continuing with our read aloud. Students are enjoying the book! This week we will be spending time talking about Terry Fox and what makes him a hero. Students will watch a short video about him and reflect on his courageous journey. 

In Religion, Mrs. Schmaltz is introducing students for the next few weeks to lessons on "Samaritans on the Digital Road"- a resource for teachers of our board to engage students in learning about participating in the digital world in a proactive, responsible and compassionate manner. This resource is built upon the shoulders of Jesus' parable about the Good Samaritan.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

September 18th - September 22nd

It was wonderful meeting parents during curriculum night! If you were not able to make it, and you would like a copy of my slideshow please let me know through a note in the agenda or an email. 

We had another great second week! I will be continuing to post pictures of what is happening in the classroom on my Twitter account. 

Math - We will be finishing up Jo Boaler's week of inspirational math this week. I will then be starting to work with students on place value. This is an important concept in the Number Sense and Numeration unit. Please make sure your child completes any practice work that is sent home. As I said during curriculum night, I will not be chasing down homework. Students are in Grade 5 and need to take responsibility for their own work. I have set students up with a math Prodigy account. Prodigy is a math game based on Ontario Math Curriculum. 

Language - We will be continuing to work on our Family Tree/All About Me Biography. I have given students a little notebook to keep in their green writing folder. The notebook is to ask parents questions about family history, and then students bring this information to class to enter into their Google Slide presentation. I have also asked students to have pictures for their slideshow. We will also start our read aloud this week. It is a novel about making connections to self, text, and the real world. The novel is called "Rapunzel, the One with all the Hair."

Sunday, 10 September 2017

September 11th - September 15th

We had a great first week back at school. I have a wonderful group of Grade 5 students! Students completed for me a favourite summer memory activity. They were then asked to present this memory to the class. Parents will be able to see their child's work on Thursday evening. In Math, students began a length of summer activity that has a focus on problem-solving and number sense and numeration concepts. I am sure they told you about the STEM challenge. Can You Build A Bridge for 21 Elephants? They had a great time!! 

Math this week - finish up a length of summer activities, start working on addition and subtraction concepts which will eventually start our Number Sense and Numeration strand with a focus on place value. 

Language this week - finish up presenting our favourite summer memory. We will start a read aloud based on the reading strategy making connections. Students will learn how to make personal connections between a piece of reading material and their own experiences or life in general. Students will also be starting an All About Me Biography Google Slide Presentation. This biography will take us most of September to complete and present. 

Just a reminder to make sure your child has an indoor pair of shoes for gym. Please continue to follow my Blog. I try to tweet out pictures throughout the week of students working in and out of the classroom. I look forward to meeting parents on Thursday evening. Please see below a list of math and language websites where students, in their free time, can explore. Just click on each weblink.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

September 5-8th

Welcome to our class blog! My name is Mrs.Chamberland and I teach grade 5 Math & Language. I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year.  

I have taught Kindergarten to grade 6 over the past 16 years in 3 different schools. I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.Ed. I feel it is essential for us (parents and school staff) to work together in order to provide your child with an optimum learning environment. You can contact me through our class blog, the agenda, or call the school.

Our homeroom will be room #113. Each child will be bringing home a schedule of their day and a list of their teachers for your reference. This year, I will be teaching both Math and English Language Arts to Grade 5.

Students may want to bring their own labeled pencil kit, but it is not essential as we also have classroom supplies. Each child will require a pair of indoor running shoes with non-marking souls for use in the gym and classroom, and a water bottle to keep on their desk. We also welcome boxes of Kleenex, Ziplock bags, pre-cut tennis balls and hand soap for general classroom use at any time during the year.

Please remember that the safety and well-being of our students is of the utmost importance. Chapel Hill is a nut-free, peanut-free and scent-free school.  Please check the ingredients of lunch and snack foods carefully, and enjoy any containing nuts or peanuts at home only. Please keep this in mind when we are on school excursions. As well, parents volunteering at the school are asked to avoid the use of perfumes and other scented products for the comfort and safety of students with environmental sensitivities.  Your cooperation is very important and greatly appreciated.

I look forward to meeting many of you next Thursday, September 14th at 6:30.